Flyfishing School

Having a lot of experience in international fly fishing during my life I'd really love to teach my knowledge. I got to know and I loved the fly fishing extremely well in Canada and Alaska , I am still a convinced fan of Ireland. Why? Just because here it is not so easy to catch the salmon or trout.
Here there is a lot to know - beginning with the traditional "Irish Wet" for the lough-style-fishing up to "Shrimp Fly" for salmon-fishing. The typical fly patterns and the very specific kind of fly-fishing are most interesting themselves. We will arrange all the equipment, we will teach to tie the best knots and we will do our best to comply with the requests of this successful and ambitious technology of fishing. I like to confine myself to the essentials in order or practise my new knowledge as soon as possible. I prefer trying my new methods like fly-fishing in salted water, for example at the mouth of the River Moy, and new fly patterns too.
Should our guests particularly be interested in fly tying , a convenient course will be organized . It will be accompanied by a very good and well known fly tyer from England. I, myself, will take care particularly on the casting school and the ghillie service on the water. When one has become able fishing on your own is possible. And a boat can be hired so you can fish as you wish.

1 Day Course
  • assemble the tackle
  • tie correct knots
  • casting
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