Ghillie Service

A further attraction to the fly fishing is "TROLLING" at Lough Conn. At least in the beginning a ghillies experience is nearly not replaceable. The lake seems to be unpredictable and could change to a monster of waves within few minutes. The extreme waves may indeed become a real danger, if you don't know every rock and every shoal.
However, we have got really good boats (Mayfly) of nearly 6 meters which are quite sure as they are double-walled. The motors (Yamaha) are well supported. "German thoroughness" is wanted in this case.....

Fishing sea-trouts at the mouth of the Moy is a special event of its own. On days, when the weather is too nice for fishing on lakes, we recommend a trip to the Estuary. There you will find yourself confronted with the tides and with a fauna completely different from the country-side. Especially for children the friendly seals and the cheeky seagulls will become unforgettable. I - as a fishing-man - don't like too much seeing them - but they were there first.
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