Loughstyle Fishing

The Lough-style Fishing is done from a drifting boat using some wet flies or alternative natural insects. Fishing by using terrestrials like daddy-long-legs, may fly or grass-hoppers is called " dapping". Using a XXL rod (15 ft) rod and a blow-line this traditional kind of fishing can be quite successful.
However, this only in summertime. The right drift is most important for lough-style Fishing. It depends on the convenient direction of the wind, it's strength and on the ghillie's instinct.
The distance to the banks and shores shouldn't become to big as in flat water there are more prospects of fishing. Here insects hatch out earlier as temperature climbs faster. The fry, too, prefers these areas than deeper water.
However, you seldom meet really optimal conditions as the right direction and strength of the wind, clouds and waves. So, if a cold wind comes from North or the East - that really means bad conditions. However - even in these bad conditions one can do good fishing but not a good one with the best wind coming from the South-West.
In the case of a strong wind it is hardly possible to place your fly and your boat will be drifting away, from all good fishing places. The waves may be to flat, too, so that the fly seems to passive.
In the case of calm the lake reminds as of a mirror. With sunshine and cloudless sky in addition - it would be better if you have a rest. But as soon as the wind revives you certainly should try a dry-fly! In
may-fly-time this may bring you your biggest fish.

Brown trout take flies in different ways. So, they may take them aggressively, carefully, with calmness or determined. Fishing with dry-flies I minimize up to 0,16 mm cross-section. When a trout take the fly determined a quick lift of the rod even could be to much.
However, it is possible to catch a big brown trout. Principally in this way I caught my big ones of about 5 pounds. In 99% the fish will take "its" right fly. These moments are unforgettable.... In my opinion there is no better fighter than a Irish trout.

Successful wet flies pattern are, for example:

Watson`s Fancy
Winged Mayfly
Black Penell
Sooty Olive
Green Peter

with a hook-sizes of 8-14. Examples of may-flies are Spend Gnat or Gray Wulff!

The fishing season for brown trout starts on February, 15th to October, 10th.
The fishing season for salmon starts on February, 1st to September, 30th.
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