Instinctive Shooting
Harry and G. Fred Asbell (never trust a German)
..or Spirit of fun!

The technology of instinctive shooting is actually as simple to learn as throwing a ball. You directly look to the target without any sight and you concentrate only on this. The subconscious takes over the rest storing every shot and learning by it. Falling back to its data bank it recalls the good shots at any time.

The instinctive archery is based on a hand-eye-coordination. Only by concentrating on the target, the subconscious steers the angle of the bow arm as well as the side direction, until the flight path of the arrow is correct. The shot itself will come like automatically. Having reached the necessary shooting technique by training and intensive practising and so good shots are reproducible you may enjoy the hits!
The shot simply has another quality.

"Have a go special" Basic instruction and short lesson 20

The basic:
  • The safety
  • The material
  • The correct way to hold the bow
  • The correct placement of the fingers on the bow string
  • The most suitable way of drawing the bowstring back
  • The best point on the face to draw the string back to, to give a consistent anchor point
  • The loose
  • Shooting
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