"In the joy of hunting is intimately woven the love of the great outdoors"
Saxton T. Pope
Hunting with the Bow & Arrow, 1923

Our Home Entertainment Generation has discovered the "Traditional Archery" as a counterpart to multimedia!
People are turning back to nature, back to activities that can bring them back into touch with things that are real, authentic and give a sense of simple, but genuine accomplishment. In effect, traditional archery is a means of finding a way back home.

And there is the challenge of "instinctive shooting".

Instinctive shooting with a simple wooden bow and wooden arrows is pure natural bow enjoyment!
A traditional archer would enthuse about instinctive archery. Really, nothing is greater than to shoot with a simple bow without sight equipment or any other technology and to make good hits, also. This all happens in a beautiful area the feeling of success and happiness is enormous.
It is great that archery goes more and more towards traditional direction and that archers prefer more the enjoyment of shooting than the performance orientation.

Everybody who is interested in the joy of pure archery, beginner or advanced, can learn with us. Not only instinctive shooting but also the possibility to take part in a "traditional hunt" within our 3D-course.
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