Sometimes you've to be tricky to get out the often moody Irish trouts. It's most important to choose the correct fly and believe in it. Even if this may sound a bit strange it is right, indeed. Trusting in my fly I'm fishing more intensively - with a better result.

In County Mayo flyfishing is a old tradition and has got a special rank. Personally I prefer flyfishing the brown trout of Lough Conn. In contrast to the native ghillies I don't fish especially in the traditional lough style, but like to change to the dry fly. The traditional fishing is done with a team of wet flies (3 flies) from a drifting boat. This is a very special kind of flyfishing depending on wind and weather. Either you love it or not - like Ireland itself. There may be some fishing tourists who have been returned home disappointed. Often a wrong attitude to this kind of fishing or an exaggerated anticipation due to most promising advertisement are the reasons for this disappointment.
Fact is that the trouts have become precarious by the strong fishing pressure. You need patience and cleverness to catch the fish or simply a ghillie who knows how to do it. I've got a lot of experience of Lough Conn over the last 20 years. Taking this challenge there are chances to get capital trouts around five pound!
It's not unusual that a salmon or grilse takes the fly. Considering fishing is free of charge on Irish lakes, but a daily permit maybe required locally, then you don't need to be disappointed so much because of a bad fishing day. In this case - relax and enjoy the beauty of the green island with all the senses.
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